Pilgrimage to the Holy Mount Athos with climbing to the top


Day 1: Ouranoupolis — Holy Mount Athos
  • 7.30 - Meeting with the guide at the Pilgrim Bureau in Ouranoupoli.
  • COVID-19 tests.
  • Obtaining the Athos visas - Diamonitiriono.
  • Departure by ferry at 9:45. Arrival at Xenophon Monastery. Worshiping the shrines of the monastery. Then by car pilgrimage to the monasteries:
- Vatoped
- Pandokrator
- Iverskiy
- Saint Panteleimon Monastery.

  • Return to Xenophon Monastery. Transfer by taxi to St. Anne's monastery, accommodation, overnight.
Day 2: the Holy Mountain of Athos
The ascent to Athos begins at 6am, which takes 4-8 hours (depending on your preparation). There is a planned stop for eating (take it with you) and having a short rest.

For climbing to the top of Mount Athos pilgrims are required to have with them:

-Torches on the head (in the mountains the hands must be free).
- sturdy mountain shoes are recommended
- sleeping bag
- water, food in the form of conferments and dried fruit
- optionally - alpenstock, gas cooker for boiling water (also for heating water for liturgy and making tea).
Day 3: the Holy Mountain of Atos — Uranupoli
Descent at least 4-5 hours. From the pier of St. Anna you return to Ouranoupoli by chartered boat.
Overnight accommodations at the monasteries listed in the program are not guaranteed. In case the monastery cannot provide accommodations on the dates indicated in the program, the group will be moved to another monastery.
Feel free to contact us. We will be glad to answer all your questions!
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