Patrons of Corfu

Greece is the cradle of Orthodoxy, the heir to Byzantium. A country where the church is not separated from the state and where faith has become an integral part of life.

For many centuries, the island of Corfu has preserved the imperishable relics of St. Spiridon of Triumph - the patron saint and protector of the island. The Greeks celebrate his memory five times a year with a procession, carrying his holy relics around the city.

The veneration of St. Spiridon grows year by year also among the Russian people, who take a piece of his "slipper" from the relics of St. Spiridon for prayerful commemoration. Few people know that Corfu is also home to other shrines - numerous miraculous icons and relics of saints. Among the Heavenly Patrons of the island - Apostles Jason and Sosipatra from 70, who in the 1st century came to the island with Christian preaching and built the first temples here, the Righteous Theodora the Byzantine Empress, who restored and established the iconoclasm in the 9th century; the Holy Martyr Paraskeva of Rome, in whose honour many churches and several monasteries on the island are named; St. Arsenius of Cappadocia and St. Paisius of Saints.

During our trip we will attend the Liturgy at the Church of St. Spiridon and visit the Cathedral, the monasteries of Kassopitra and the Venerable Martyr Paraskeva of Rome.
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