“The Colour of Cyprus” donkey safari

This excursion is the perfect way to discover and experience the authentic spirit of Cyprus.

Our journey to the Ahna Animal Park, located right on the dam's shore, takes us through the “red” villages of the eastern coast, which are among the most picturesque places. As a sample of Cypriot hospitality, you will be offered homemade lemonade and seasonal fruits.

In our Animal Park, you will meet a variety of animals, including friendly donkeys, horses, goats, lambs, rabbits, and domestic birds.

You'll take a donkey ride (the most reliable form of transportation) through the countryside to the 14th-15th century Church of St. George “Teratsitis,” adorned with picturesque frescoes. Here, you will have the opportunity to rest and taste seasonal fruits.

Upon returning to the farm, you will be treated to a delicious traditional Cypriot dinner — a barbecue accompanied by traditional Greek dances. You will learn to dance the “sirtaki” and join in the dancing to Cypriot, Greek, and international music.

Home wine and a great atmosphere are guaranteed!
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