Gourmet Tour

This day is dedicated to connoisseurs of fine gastronomy and wines. We start our tour with a visit to a small winery, whose reputation has spread far and wide thanks to the impeccable taste of local wines — you should try it!

This is where the famous local pastries are made and served. It is also the place where they make the famous souzuko, made from the juice of the grapes. A delicacy that appeals to both children and adults.

We then continue our journey to the Monastery of Agios Minas. The monastery was founded by Dominican monks in the 15th century. Here the nuns grow fruit, collect honey and make desserts. Meet local artisans in the village of Lefkara and village of Skarina for Cyprus' culinary highlight, halloumi.

A master class will teach you how to make hard cheese from sheep's milk. You will discover all the secrets of production and other local delicacies. You will have the opportunity to taste fresh halloumi, homemade bread, and olives during a light brunch.
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