Delphi and the holy oracle

Greece is a country with a rich historical and cultural heritage. Myths and legends seem to be in the air and archaeological sites can be found at every turn.

Ancient Greek myths and history have contributed greatly to modern European culture. Delphi is one of the most important cult centres of ancient Greece.

The Delphi archaeological complex and museum are situated on the southern slope of Mount Parnassus. In ancient times Delphi was considered to be the centre of the world, the centre of religious and financial life of antiquity.
During the tour you will visit:

• Delphi Museum
• Treasury of Athenians
• Temple of Apollo
• The Oracle
Your package includes
  • Transportation
  • Driver and escort
  • Licensed tour guide
Not included
  • Programme Entrance fees
Entrance fees to the archaeological site and museum are extra.
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7.5 km National Road Thessaloniki-N Moudania
Thessaloniki, 57001, Greece
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