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Evia, or Euboea, is one of the largest Greek islands. It is the second largest island in Greece, second only to Crete, and third in Europe (second only to Cyprus). The area of the island is a little more than 3.5 thousand square kilometres, the coastline along the length of a little less than 700 km.

The island is separated from the Greek mainland by the Euboean strait. The largest town, the capital of Evia, is situated in the heart of Evia. Two bridges, one new and one old, connect Halkida with the mainland. The old bridge offers a view over the mysterious phenomenon of the "standing waves". Even Aristotle tried to solve the mystery of its appearance. It's all about the changing of the tides with each other. The new bridge is also famous for being one of Europe's largest suspension bridges.

Geographically Evia is divided into three regions: central, southern and northern.
The main urban centres are Edipsos (world famous for its thermal springs), Aliveri, Amarif, Artaki, Vasiliko, Eretria (port of Evia), Istia, Kimi, Karistos and Limni. Evia's highest mountains are Dyrfi, Kandili and Ohi. The well developed infrastructure of the island makes it popular even amongst demanding tourists with high standards of comfort.

Evia can be visited all year round thanks to its perfect Mediterranean climate. It has stunning landscapes of wildlife, a variety of historical sites, superb museums and religious sanctuaries. Groves of olive trees and pine forests permeate the island's air. Travellers will love the waterfalls and springs, which are a haven of peace, a place to merge with nature (and a location for unbeatable photography). Lush beaches, bays, gulfs, the turquoise waves of the Aegean Sea - Evia bewitches by its natural beauty. The island's landscapes are also beautiful, with mountain ranges, gorges and green plains.
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