At the very centre of mainland Greece, the cliffs are amazing, literally carved by nature itself. The unique "stone forest" consists of about 1000 rocks ranging in height from 200 to 600 metres, some 60 million years old.

At its heyday, the Meteora Monastic Republic had about 24 monasteries and hermitages, but only 6 have survived to this day. For many centuries the monasteries of Meteora attract pilgrims and tourists wishing to touch their shrines, to get to know the life of monks, to see architectural monuments, unique frescos and icons.

The tour to Meteora has for many years been a priority for tourists vacationing on the island of Corfu, also because of its itinerary. Our route is divided into two parts.

One is by sea on a comfortable ferry, on open or closed deck, where you can enjoy the sea, the landscape of Corfu, mainland Greece and take beautiful pictures.

The second part of our route will be overland and we will travel in a comfortable coach through the territory of Epirus and Thessaly, we will see amazing views of pine and fir-trees in the mountains, and picturesque towns and villages, where we will learn about their history from our guides.

In Meteora we will visit one or two monasteries and a viewing platform from which we can enjoy a breathtaking view of the surrounding monasteries, picturesque villages, and the Thessaly Plain. A visit to the oldest icon painting workshop in Kalambaka, right at the foot of the Meteora Rocks.

You will learn about the traditions of Byzantine iconography. You will be able to see the stages of painting icons, learn about the technology and the materials. On the way back we will have lunch in a Greek tavern, where you will be offered a wide variety of national cuisine.
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7.5 km National Road Thessaloniki-N Moudania
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