Rhodes City and Filerimos Hill

One of the eastern Mediterranean's most charming and memorable cities is sure to leave you with a range of exciting experiences.

The capital of the island is now more than 2400 years old! The rich historical heritage of Rhodes fascinates travelers: the famous statue of the Colossus of Rhodes, the mighty Hospitaller Order, Sultan Suleiman and Ottoman domination, and the Italian Renaissance are just a few pages.

Antiquity, the Middle Ages and modernity are intertwined here. Take a trip back in time, and we will make it as eventful as possible!
  • Ancient Acropolis. At the highest point of the city, the ancient Acropolis of Rhodes dominates, on Monte Smith Hill, offering spectacular panoramic views. The religious and cultural centre spreads over two levels, with the Temple of Apollo of Pythias at the top and the ancient Stadium and Odeon at the bottom. Famous Romans such as Cicero, Cassius and Gaius Julius Caesar studied at the Rhodes school of rhetoric!

  • Medieval city of Rhodes. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this medieval town is a huge open-air museum! Several thousand people still live behind the mighty ramparts and the atmosphere of the Knights' Era can be felt to the full. Fortifications, massive towers, wide moats, the Grandmasters' Palace, colourful squares, cosy cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops and a labyrinth of picturesque alleyways.

  • Filerimos Hill. An important strategic and spiritual centre since prehistoric times, the hill bears witness to the cultural heritage of the people of Rhodes. Today, the complex of Filerimos includes remains of ancient and Byzantine temples, a baptistery, the 15th century subterranean church of St George and a majestic seventeen metre high cross with an observation platform. A shady cypress alley leads to the cross, symbolising the journey of Christ to Golgotha. The miraculous icon of Our Lady of Filyerim, revered by both Orthodox and Catholics, was in the main church of the monastery for a long time. Here you will be treated to a fragrant liqueur made according to an ancient monastic recipe.

  • New Town of Rhodes. A panoramic tour of the modern city gives a full picture of how the capital lives today. The Mandraki promenade with its stately buildings from the Italian era, an area of brand-name shops and boutiques, hotels, casinos, clubs and the city's magnificent beaches.
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